Posted by: Jessica | November 24, 2009

Waiting for Reed

In four weeks, I’ll have my new pup! He’s an Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. The WHV was created in the 1930s by breeding Vizslas which had strong, rough coats with German Wirehaired Pointers, in order to create the strong thick coat that would protect the dog in rough conditions. It is a separate breed from the Vizsla, currently accepted in AKC’s Foundation Stock Service as well as the UKC, CKC and NAVHDA.

The new pup’s name will be Reed. I haven’t yet decided on his registered name, but it has to start with the word “High”. I’m looking at High Five, High Jinx, High Gear…any ideas?

In the AKC, no WHV have achieved the OTCh title yet (Obedience Champion). This is my goal with Reed. We will also be competing in Rally, Agility and Tracking.

Once he gets here, be prepared for lots of photos and training stories!


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