Posted by: Jessica | January 8, 2010

Potty Bell Success

I decided to try potty bell training Reed (and Sadie), and am very pleased with it so far! I was always skeptical of potty bells but I really like how it’s going. The first day I put the bells up, I would have Reed touch the bells every time we wanted to go outside. The second day, I simply stood at the door when I thought he wanted to go out, and waited for him to go to the bells. As soon as he did, we went out! After a few days, he’s gotten in the habit of running to them and jumping on the bells when he needs to go! He’s used the bells to let us know he needs to potty 5 times so far! We’ve had one accident, and it was when he was in the bedroom with the door closed and no bells. I’m thinking of adding a second bell to that door.


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