Posted by: Jessica | January 27, 2010

Rally Class & Playtime

Reed and Sadie have been amazing dogs this week!! Sadie has FINALLY realized that Reed is not replacing her, and that he’s a pretty fun little pup! Over the past week she’s played with him every time they are out together. A fantastic change from laying under the table growling. They are adorable together. Right now they’re the exact same weight so they wrestle great. I hope they keep playing so well as he gets bigger.

On Monday we went to Rally polish class to run Sadie through. Reed came along and watched politely. Sadie did very well considering this was our first time! I got to learn a lot more about Rally. I think Sadie could be ready very soon – I think Reed will be ready before her 🙂

Sadie has trouble with heeling still and the down-stay where you walk around the dog, but otherwise she did very well. After some practice, we got the down stay better.

I also got to do a course with my friend’s dog who is very good, and that was a lot of fun!


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