Posted by: Jessica | February 12, 2010


It has come!

Yesterday morning I woke up as usual to go to my morning job, walked out the door at 6:20am, and saw this

It kept snowing all day. I think it stopped around midnight. I canceled class at PetSmart and made an amazing dinner for Kyle. The dogs had a lot of fun playing in the snow, see videos below. Despite having been raised in Kansas, and around snow for his first two months, he seemed put off by it at first. The second day he loosened up a lot.

This morning when I woke up to go to work, it had finally stopped snowing. But as I turned onto the street the office is on, I noticed there were no street lights. As I got closer, I noticed the gas station was dark. Then at the intersection, no traffic lights! Uh oh!

So, I got to sit in the cold teeny office at 6:30 am and fill out invoices in the dark, lit only by the Flashlight app on my phone. (There’s an app for that!) Thankfully Kyle was kind enough to bring me coffee and breakfast at 8.

Got home, let Reed explore and have fun in the snow, while I had fun with the macro function on the camera. Wish he’d have held still long enough to get better photos of him. Enjoy the videos and pics!

“The weather system pounded parts of Texas on Thursday, leaving a record 12.5 inches in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The National Weather Service said the 24-hour total in the area topped a previous record of 12.1 inches set in 1964.” – [via]

Thursday snowfall breaks Dallas-Fort Worth records – The record fell at 6:57 p.m. with it still snowing and the winter storm warning extended until 6 a.m. Friday. While the official record is measured at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, many local cities saw just as much or more. 11.2 inches Thursday,7.8 inches (previously on Jan. 15, 1964 and Jan. 14, 1917) – [via]


Enjoy the pics. On most of them, you can click to embiggen.

It was still snowing mid-afternoon

So the dogs and I headed out to ruin this field of snow.

What is going on here?

I’m an arctic fox!

If I rub the snow all over me, you can’t see me!

Mom, my feets are cold!

What IS this?

Wait, this is tasty stuff!

I smell something under this…

Just don’t eat the yellow snow guys!

Okay this is pretty fun!

Sadie, patiently stalking Reed

Aaaand pounce!

No fair!

Okay Okay! I was kidding!!! Lay off!!

Oh hai.

My feet are still cold.

Did you say something Mom?


(Extreme Closeup…)

Now for some non-dog photos.

The 63′ Chevy on Thursday Morning

And Friday Morning


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