Posted by: Jessica | April 15, 2010

Easter Eggs

So, now for something completely different.

I love crafts. I love projects. I love holidays.

When I saw these Easter Surprise Eggs on not martha, I decided I had to make them. 5 dozen eggs later, Kyle’s gotten great at lobotomizing eggs, we’ve enjoyed a quiche, lots of scrambled eggs, and have plans to make a pavlova, and most importantly, we had a lot of fun and got to meet some of our neighbors.

The eggs are hollowed, sanitized and dyed real egg shells, filled with candies, and sealed with a mini cupcake wrapper. I also tried sealing some of them with the leftover egg “bottoms”. It worked great!

You’ll need:

Eggs, candy, mini muffin wrappers, a dremmel, glue, scissors, dye, barbeque skewers, a slotted spoon and some bowls.

So, we started out with 3 dozen eggs (and I added 2 more for my coworkers later).

Using a dremmel, carefully score the wider end of the egg. If you want to keep the “lids”, use your fingernail, a knife, whatever to cut the membrane and remove the “lid”. Otherwise just get it off there. Dump the egg into a tupperware and enjoy egg dishes for a week.

Rinse the eggs with hot water, then remove the membrane. I found the best way was to roll it down with my thumb, and it would peel away from the shell. Rinse again.

Put the eggs in a pot and bring to a boil. Lower heat to a simmer for 10 minutes. Place eggs in bowl of cold water. I listened to Megan’s warning and transferred them one by one instead of pouring cold water into the pot, like I would with whole boiled eggs. I used a slotted spoon and skewer to lift them, then submerge them.

Let eggs cool, then dry.

Prepare dye to your liking, and dye eggs! Let dry overnight.

Fill with goodies.

Seal with “egg lid” or paper muffin wrapper.


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