Posted by: Jessica | May 20, 2010

A few pictures

Here’s a few pictures from the vacation – the beach pictures are all on the real camera and I lost my card reader for it.

Here’s Reed at the Angels Stadium.

Here’s him being cute 😉

On the ride home, once we got back into DFW he spent the whole time watching Kyle drive.

Someone was happy to be home. Then again, he’s happy all the time.



  1. Hey! I remember you from the forum (don’t know if you remember me from there) – I was actually wondering a while ago how puppy Reed was doing. Seems like you’re doing a great job with him – goodness, I can’t imagine training a dog with any success inside a baseball stadium – he’s going to be a great working partner for you! Look at that adorable face!

    I’ll continue reading to see how he progresses.

    And, thanks for your comments regarding me, my dad, and my dog – you’re probably right, it’s more than just a dog vs. dog issue. Now, how to go about fixing that…

    • Hey Samantha! Thanks for the comment! Yes Reed is doing amazing! Glad you appreciated my comment, have no idea how to fix the dad thing tho 😉

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