Posted by: Jessica | July 14, 2010

Reed has discovered Birds.

We went to PetSmart to do some specific focus training. We also worked on Loose Leash Walking with NO Easy walk harness, just a collar! He did great. It took us a while to get into the store because he was not focused at all first but once we got in he did better and better. Several managers and associates stopped to talk and Reed did really good about watching me. Also, the associates did great at not disrupting – no one pet him without asking and they all stopped petting him if he started to jump (which only happened twice).

We went to a new PetSmart for us and I think that is one reason he did so much better. He does great in any store BUT our PetSmart.

So we went from practicing Watch Me and Leave It to walking (with watch me) and he did great until the birds. For months I have been mocking my bird dog that doesn’t care about birds. Well, now he does. He never cared about the birds at our petsmart before! But then we were in the parking lot and he pointed at them too! What a wacko. I hate to teach him Leave It with the birds but it’s more important to me that he focus on me than ever be a great bird dog.

He got a new toy as a reward for doing so well, and some doggie mouthwash spray.


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