Posted by: Jessica | July 15, 2010

A Short Training

Reed went to daycamp today – I watched him on the webcam a lot, and he was doing okay. He gets so excited after playing fetch or running, that he starts to hump. They put him on time out and then let him play again if he’s good.

Anyway since he was nice and exhausted, on the way home we stopped at a newer PetSmart, between work and home. I was not impressed with this store. I asked the cashier where the water fountain was, and she directed me to the bowls. When I explained that my dog was hot and I’d like to get him a drink, she looked at me like I had 3 heads. I asked where the bathroom was, and sure enough there’s a water fountain with dog bowls by it.

After that we headed up front to get a bag of treats, and the trainer stopped us while I was trying to find the treats. I got confused and annoyed. The layout of the store was throwing me off. So she’s asking me all these questions, then she pets Reed without asking. Wrong person to try that on, cmon! She knows as well as I do not to pet a dog without asking!!

Anyway after we got the treats we practiced walking and watch me. We found a 4 month old boxer and practiced watch me with that distraction. Then we walked around some more and I asked Reed to pick up several things for me. He started getting antsy so I was worried we’d had too many treats and too much heat, so we quickly left as I was worried he might have an accident.

Not a bad day, but kind of annoying.


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