Posted by: Jessica | July 21, 2010

Not Eating Update

So on Sunday Reed wasn’t eating. We had fun at the lake and he seemed fine, but he’d been kind of lethargic all week, and Monday was back to being tired. He still wasn’t eating. (Lake videos and pics coming, btw.)

Then Monday night he threw up, three times. I called the vet and made an appointment for Tuesday at 4. We ended up going in early because Sadie threw up three times after that.

I was not happy with this vet. I’ve seen him a few times before and he doesn’t remember us, which is understandable, but his excuse is that so many dogs are alike. I mean, I know Reed’s not ACTUALLY a special snowflake, but he IS the only one of his breed that vet has seen and probably will ever see. Not to mention I USED TO WORK AT THAT STORE. *sigh*. So all the nurses know us, and the vet can’t even look at the chart to see that “Nice to meet you” isn’t the right greeting? Finally, it’s NOT nice for me to see you again, my dog is SICK.

The next thing he asks is if I’m going to castrate my dog. I interrupted him to say no, and he still asked. You know how I knew he was asking that? Because every time I go, they look at my dogs balls, and ask if I’m going to cut them off yet. Look, even if he wasn’t full of potential to do obedience, rally, agility, etc, and even if he wasn’t a rare breed that JUST got accepted into AKC – I wouldn’t be neutering a 5 or 9 month old puppy. If Reed ends up neutered, it’ll be after he’s 2. I wish they’d have written it down so I don’t have to keep telling them!

SO he starts commenting that Reed doesn’t look lethargic. Uhm, a teenaged vizsla puppy that doesn’t come off as insane, is lethargic. So I explained that right now he was happy to be seeing people, but for the past week he’s been sleeping non stop. At home he has been very lethargic. He kept pointing out that he looked fine now, well, maybe he does but Reed isn’t a dog that’s scared of the vet. He thought we were having a fun trip, until you stuck your finger up his bum. Even after you did that he wanted to kiss you and sit in your lap. Still think you’d be able to see him being lethargic here?

He told me Reed seemed fine, which is when I went off on him. He’s not just lethargic. I asked if they even read the notes about why I was there. Not eating and throwing up are big problems. He lost 2 lbs in a week! So they offered to do some bloodwork to check his liver and kidneys. Now, in my mind, they’ve skipped a step. This vet CANNOT communicate with me. I think my dog has a virus or something, and they’re making me think he’s got liver failure? WTF? Without doing a fecal? The vet didn’t even feel his body. He checked his heart and that was it. So I started yelling at him about how every other time I bring a dog with upset stomach in, they do a fecal first and they do other stuff, I’ve never had a dog have blood drawn for throwing up. They convinced me to do the blood work which showed his white blood cells were low, and deduced from that he has a viral infection. They gave me medication and I talked them into giving me some for Sadie. (That part was actually remarkably easy).

When we were leaving the vet said if he wasn’t feeling better, bring him back tomorrow (Wednesday). I pointed out that they are closed on Wednesdays and he goes oh, right, day after tomorrow. Really dude? What about all your clients who don’t KNOW you’re closed every Wednesday.

As we were checking out I told them we’d be seeing a different vet from now on. Every time I’ve seen this vet he insists nothing is wrong at first. When Reed got his eye scratched at daycamp, he said it was fine, despite the fact that his eyelid was swollen and drooping, and his eye was bright red. I insisted I thought it shouldn’t be like that, they gave me eyedrops, and it healed right away. Hmmm. I’m a little over protective of my dogs, but a vet should realize they’re dealing with people like that, and people who will actually notice the difference between their dog’s normal activity, and lethargy, and take it seriously when a dog that loves food, suddenly stops eating.

As of today both dogs are eating again, acting normal. The nurse told me the meds might cause diarrhea so they gave them something to prevent it, so I suggested since I wanted to switch Reed’s food I might just do it now, and she said that was a good idea. So far, no problems. Both gobbled down pills and breakfast.



  1. oh goodness I would have been BS at that vet as well. “Come in tomorrow” and they’re CLOSED tomorrow?? Ugh, idiot vet! Glad the dogs are feeling better today though.

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