Posted by: Jessica | August 22, 2010


We went to Dog-A-Pool-Ooza this morning – the local pool had a dog day, sponsored by a local rescue group. You had to show rabies vaccination and donate to get in. Since Reed has had so much fun swimming in the lake lately, I thought he would enjoy the pool! Well he had more fun just playing with all the dogs and humans around the pool rather than getting in. He finally got in right at the end. I had a ton of fun taking photos! If you want to see ALL of them, check out my set on Flickr. Otherwise, enjoy my favorites below!

It was PACKED. There were all kinds of dogs, but a few stood out – there was a nice German Shorthaired Pointer, a young GSD in the clumsy stage, an older GSD that does S&R, a 6 month old bloodhound, about 5 dalmations, some lab puppies, a gorgeous longhaired dachshund, and a bunch of labradoodles, border collies, aussies, goldens, and labs.

This German Shorthaired Pointer was a GREAT jumper!

This black lab was amazing! He retrieved a rope toy from the bottom of the pool at 6 feet!

The organizers supplied a bucket of new tennis balls. This adorable JRT (?) had fun.

I’ll get it!

So close…

Got it!

Here ya go!


This golden was cute too. He had one ball, and saw another, and spent 10 minutes trying to retrieve them both at once.

A few of the dogs were pretty good at climbing out using the ladder!

Reed tried to figure out how to get in.

And quickly gave up.

Look at this handsome bloodhound.

A few random jumpers:

My timing needs some work. It seems like the camera was pretty slow from when I pressed the button until it actually took the picture – but the actual shutter was nice and fast on the auto.

Three of the dalmations – two of these were together, and the littlest one was another family.

This was a gorgeous Border Collie from Australia! Her owner said she’s much calmer than most BCs from the US, and she’s got an off-switch like Reed. Her breeder did show, and her owner does agility. I loved her little face! So sweet.We were chatting about the cute longhaired doxie puppy and she mentioned she has a wirehaired doxie that she actually found under her car one winter. No microchip, couldn’t find the owner, and all the breeders in the area said it wasn’t theirs. I’m not a big dachshund fan but there are some times when I would keep a dog that wasn’t the perfect breed for me – and that is one of them!

Hey Mom? That’s my toy?

Hey are you gonna throw that? Please throw it?


Reed finally got in the pool! He only walked in far enough to where he couldn’t stand, and turned around and came right back out. Then he went and loved on the people sitting on the stairs.

A cute oversized Pom. (It looked bigger than Sadie!)

This Rottie’s floatie cracked me up. I guess it was cheaper than a lifejacket – didn’t see whether or not it worked, I don’t think he got in.

This dog had such gorgeous coloring!

Best Buy came, and handed out treats. Reed decided they were his new best friends.

Hey, I’m sitting. Hey you? I’m sitting.

Maybe you missed it. I’m sitting!! Hey! Down here!

Oh well. Maybe someone over here has treats? Or lovin’

Reed was super exhausted after we left.


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