Posted by: Jessica | September 10, 2010


Sadie usually eats in her kennel, while Reed eats from his raised feeder. In the past, they both ate in their crates. Tonight, I told Sadie to “Go Kennel”, and pointed to her little kennel. She was reluctant to go in, and suddenly Reed ran from across the room and dove into it. I was shocked he fit! THEN, Sadie decided she wasn’t giving up her dinner for him, and squeezed in there too. With me holding her bowl, they both stayed in there long enough for me to grab the iPhone!

The quality sucks, sorry. There was no light and they were squirmy.

For scale, this is Reed in his crate next to Sadie in hers. He’s sitting, when he stands, he looks a little taller even. Sadie was howling a little, she hates when I put him so close to her. 😛


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