Posted by: Jessica | September 26, 2010

Reed & Kids?

Question for my dog smart friends.
Yesterday Reed saw a little kid he wanted to say hi to, the kid was coming towards us. His whole body started wagging, and I told him to Watch Me and wait, and he did. But then he looked back at the kid and laid down, and when I told him OK, he started crawling towards her. He stayed down the whole time she was petting him, his tail going nuts. Which was nice because I wasn’t worried he’d knock her over (she’s a toddler). He’s met her once before and he did the exact same thing.

What’s up with this behavior?  I wanted to teach him to lay down with kids anyway, because he’s so big and clumsy, but should it be worrying that he did it on his own? Is he being too submissive to the kids?

He actually never jumps up on kids, he just tries to lick them and on a baby that alone could knock them over. Plus his whole body wags and that might knock them over too.

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