Posted by: Jessica | December 18, 2010

Sadie loves Agility!

Sadie’s been going to an agility foundations class this past couple weeks. We just had our last class, and I was thrilled at how well she was doing. Not afraid of any of the obstacles, even the teeter totter (at a low height). A friend found a Snooker Match (for fun) happening last night so we decided to go! Snooker is a game where you earn points by doing certain obstacles in order, and some you pick in the order you want. I had NO idea what was going on πŸ™‚ But once I learned the rules it was fun. Sadie had never done ANY sequences or anything, we had only ever done practicing one obstacle at a time, or doing a few jumps in a row. So this was really new. I had no idea how she’d do – but she did really good. Sadie gets anxious around bigger dogs and lots of people, so I was worried about the environment but she handled it beautifully.

We’d only ever done a low A-frame, and just one time before, so we weren’t sure if she could do the full size one. Before the match I ran her over it and she did it perfectly! So I laid out my course in my mind. When it was our turn, we did the first couple jumps, and when I sent her through the hoop jump, she turned around and ran to the A-frame. πŸ˜› That was the only thing she wanted to do the rest of the night! We got a few of the other jumps, but after each one she ran back to the A-frame. So we ended up doing it a few more times, then stopping. In January we’re supposed to start class up again, and I think Reed will be coming along too!



  1. Sadie rocks!

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