Posted by: Jessica | March 1, 2011

No Results

The vet called back, and the tick panel was negative. She said basically they don’t know why he had a seizure. She suspects either a reaction to a toxin, or epilepsy. She said we will have to wait and see what happens. I am honestly quite skeptical that he could have gotten into anything toxic, because of how carefully we watch the dogs and keep anything dangerous out of reach. I guess that there is always a possibility we missed something, I just don’t see what it could have been. It’s pretty frustrating to not have a definitive answer, but I guess that’s how things go. To attempt find out if the seizure was a one-time thing or see if it ever happens again, I have taken an old laptop and set up a USB camera aimed at the crate, so I can record what happens when we’re gone. I hope it never happens again.

He’s still doing great. I’ve been spoiling both the dogs a little and got them a bunch of new toys. 🙂 Everyone is happy.


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