Posted by: Jessica | April 9, 2011

Walking & Bloodwork

So, we’ve been trying to get into the vet to do Reed’s bloodwork to check and make sure the potassium bromide is not having any problems (I am not sure exactly what they’re testing honestly). The first time we went in I had forgotten he was fasting and gave him treats on the way over. The second time, he’d eaten a hand soap dispenser in the bathroom and gotten diarrhea. He’s a naughty boy sometimes! So we’ll try again next week. So far, still no seizures.

We’ve been using the gentle leader for walks for the past few days, and it’s working pretty well. He still tries to pull but after about 10 minutes of walking he slows down and walks with me. I’ve used the Gentle Leader before with client’s dogs and I used one with Hadley, a previous dog of mine. I prefer the Easy Walk harness, but for some dogs I find the head harness works better. You have to be careful not to jerk the leash because you could hurt their neck, and a lot of dogs hate the lead on their face. Reed got used to it pretty quickly, and he is so strong that it is really helping. Reed walks great in the pet store, he’ll heal amazingly in a rally class, but when we’re trying to take a simple walk around the block he goes nuts. Partly because Sadie and Kyle are usually with us. So the GL is working great.


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