Posted by: Jessica | May 9, 2011

Foster Puppy

We have a foster puppy! This is Bella, a 4 month old Cocker Spaniel mix. She is going to be staying with us for a little while 🙂 We introduced the dogs yesterday – first Sadie and her on a neutral area, and they did good. Sadie didn’t want the puppy all over her, but did play a game of chase. We brought her home and introduced her to Reed, who was WAY too rough and bouncy at first. I had to keep putting him in his kennel because he was smacking the puppy. After a few hours he had calmed down (and finally the puppy snapped at him, which she needed to do) and they played tug of war with a few toys. Reed got the hang of being gentle with the puppy.

They took a nice nap after that. She slept through the night with only a few minutes of whining when I put her in the kennel. No accidents, and she’s got a big appetite! She is fearless, and will leap from the couch or bed, tumble roll, and take off running. She loves to explore new things, and she did a couple good retrieves with me earlier!

Without further ado, here is Reed and the puppy playing 🙂

All three dogs had fun this morning playing.



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