Posted by: Jessica | August 25, 2011

Agility & Rally!

On Tuesday, Sadie went to Agility class, and on Wednesday Reed got to go to Rally class! Both of them did amazing! It’s been months since we did any formal training classes so I was super impressed with the both of them.

Sadie’s class was Agility 2, but after class the instructor suggested we move to Agility 3. The only thing we haven’t worked on yet is weaving so I’m looking forward to trying it! In class we worked on two on two off contacts on the A-frame (Sadie’s favorite obstacle), chaining the tunnel and the table, jumps and table, and the tire jump. Sadie did great on all of them. I can’t WAIT for Agility 3, I think Sadie may actually be ready to compete in something soon (whatever it is that doesn’t have weaving!) She had absolutely no problems with any other dogs, even though two of the dogs were barky German Shepherds. She wasn’t focused at first but after going over the first jumps she was super happy and was paying attention to me and having a ball. Sadie really enjoys the obstacles, I can tell that she has fun doing it. She didn’t start loosing focus until the end of the class which isn’t surprising, an hour is a long time for a dog to focus!

Reed’s Rally class went well too, he was super calm and went right into heeling. In that class first we introduced a jump which was news to me! I had no idea there was a jump in Rally, Reed’s going to have to learn to be way less clumsy 🙂 He knocked over the 6″ high bar 50% of the time. However he had no trouble going through the uprights on a cue, he just didn’t get the idea of lifting his feet. I thought back about how did I train Sadie to jump and remembered I set up low wide boxes in the hallway and called her back and forth over them. We’ll have to try this with Reed. After the jump we worked on a swing finish by getting the dogs to put their front paws on a pie plate. It took a little while for Reed to get the idea but once he did he seemed to understand what I wanted. We stopped there, I’ll have to find something to practice that one with. We also did the sit and walk around the dog exercise – another one Reed has trouble with, he hates when he can’t see me. We finished with a course and we did ok. Mostly I was just pleased with his overall behavior, a big improvement over 6 months ago – he hardly ever pulled on the leash and he did great at ignoring the other dogs. In fact several people commented how calm he is for a vizsla. 🙂 One reason I love the wirehaireds! We did skip the second run of the course because he was starting to act up – also I had to get back to work!

So for the next 5 Mondays and Wednesdays we’ll be going to class! Can’t wait for the next class! I really liked the instructor and it was such fun to be doing stuff with the dogs again.


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