Posted by: Jessica | October 16, 2011

Our First Rally Trial(s)!

Yesterday, Reed and I finally went to our first Rally trial. There were actually two trials so we had two chances to get qualifying scores – WHICH WE DID! Our first time ever we got two legs on a title and two placement ribbons 🙂 Now we only need to get one more Q under a different judge, and we get our Rally Novice title!

The first trial we got an 84, and got second place. The second one we got an 89, and got third. Both times I was thrilled we qualified and so happy to have gotten a ribbon.

We got there at 6:30 am so we had plenty of time to set up our kennel, and watch everyone else arrive. (We weren’t quite the first ones there but close to it). I never got a picture of once everyone else was there but it was packed!

My trainer was there with her two dogs Roxie and Rue. Roxie got a leg on her Rally Excellent title so that was very exciting too! Also there and competing for her first time ever was our classmate Ellie with her seven year old Greyhound Flux Capacitor. Ellie and Flux also got qualifying scores both times and won the blue ribbon both times! It was so awesome that we got to share the excitement!

After his first run Reed was exhausted! He still is, he hardly woke up to eat breakfast today.




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